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We offer the best products and our team is dedicated to excellent customer service.

  • Complete Line of Welding Equipment and Systems
  • One of the Largest Tube Trailer Fleets in Tri-State Region
  • Bulk Liquid System Installation
  • On-Time Delivery Service
  • Personal Customer Relationships
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Over the years, SOS Gases, Inc., has built up a reputation with our customers due to our excellent delivery service and personalized customer relationships. Our Kearny, NJ, location will be pleased to assist you in any way we can.

Our History

SOS Gases, Inc., has been in business for 50 plus years in the Industrial and Specialty gas industry.  We are a complete gas distributor for the construction, manufacturing, energy, chemical, electronic, glass/ceramics, healthcare, food and beverage industries.  Our delivery fleet consists of seven cylinder trucks, two liquid transports, and 32 tube trailers and three jumbo tube trailers.  SOS Gases, Inc., has one of the largest tube trailer fleets in the tri-state area.  We also install complete bulk liquid systems to fit your requirements..

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