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Brazing & Soldering Lightweight Aluminum-Steel Structures for Automotive Applications

The push for lighter-weight materials in the automotive industry has intensified due to the rise of electric vehicles. Utilizing lightweight components can significantly reduce energy consumption, thereby extending the driving range per battery charge. A common approach is partially substituting steel with aluminum in automotive production. As a result, joining techniques for combining aluminum and …


A Comparison of Oxygen- vs. Air-Acetylene Torches

  When it comes to brazing, there are two main equipment choices: setups utilizing oxygen/acetylene or those using air/acetylene torches Traditionally, oxygen/acetylene rigs have dominated many HVAC brazing applications across the United States. However, air/acetylene torches represent a viable alternative option. Contractors who have experimented with air/acetylene often value their enhanced portability and reduced operating …


Q&A About Aluminum welding

  Q: What shielding gas is most appropriate for arc welding aluminum? I’ve received differing recommendations – some say to use pure argon while others suggest helium is better. I plan to use both gas metal arc welding (GMAW) and gas tungsten arc welding (GTAW) processes. Can I use the same shielding gas for each …


Common Weld Defects in GMAW Process

  The gas metal arc welding (GMAW) process, also known as MIG welding, is susceptible to various types of weld discontinuities or defects. This article outlines some of the frequently encountered issues. Excess Reinforcement Buildup When welding a joint from one side, the root side can experience a buildup of excess reinforcement or weld metal. …


All You Need to Know About Aluminum GMAW Setup

Based on an article by SEAN WALKOWSKI, AWS Magazine, January 2024 Successful aluminum gas metal arc welding (GMAW) hinges on meticulous attention to detail and a foundational understanding. Taking preventive measures to sidestep usual errors is crucial to minimize downtime for troubleshooting. Aluminum GMAW demands thorough attention to detail and foundational knowledge for efficacy. It’s …


Prioritizing Hot Work Safety: A Call to Action

In the recent issue of the NFPA Journal (Winter 2023), a statistical report summary titled “Structure Fires Caused by Hot Work, 2017-2021” painted an alarming picture that cannot be ignored. The data underscores a pressing need to enhance safety measures, minimize fatalities, injuries, and property losses associated with hot work operations. The Importance of a …


Ironworker Plays a Key Role in South Florida’s Construction Business

Jeff Justice recounts the projects, rewards, and challenges  of a 43-year career As an experienced union ironworker and general superintendent at Hodges Erectors Inc., Miami, Fla., Jeff Justice wears many hard hats. He’s a driver while on the road, a problem solver when visiting job sites, a customer service rep while fielding and forwarding calls, …


Lessons Learned at AWS

The Society’s first welding engineer intern shares his valued takeaways This summer, I had the opportunity to be the first welding engineer intern AWS has had, but let me explain my journey before detailing that exciting endeavor. I’m from New Jersey and was first introduced to welding in my freshman year of high school. From …


Starting down the path of success in the welding industry – Testimony of Neil Cox Welding process specialist

Neil shares his experience as an aspiring AWS Future leader, and how participating in the various events is helping him grow exponentially. Endless opportunities My first year as an AWS Future Leader has been an incredible experience. When I was first selected as a representative, I thought I had an idea of what may be …


Behind the Scenes: Gases in Your Favorite Gadgets?

Uncover the hidden role of gases in creating your favorite gadgets. Join SOS Gases Inc. in this fascinating exploration. The gadgets we use daily, from smartphones to laptops, owe much of their functionality and design to the unsung heroes: gases. At SOS Gases, Inc., our role in the gas industry has provided us with unique …

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