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Introduction to Induction Seam Welding of Pipe and Tube

High-frequency resistance welding (HFRW) encompasses various resistance welding processes that utilize a high-frequency welding current to concentrate heat at specific locations for welding. This heat, generated through the electrical resistance of the workpiece to high-frequency currents, facilitates the fusion of metals, often accompanied by an applied upsetting force to achieve a forged weld. Primarily, HFRW …


AWS Guide Publications for Welding of Piping and Tubing

The functionality and efficiency of nearly all industrial processes rely on fluids and gases. These substances encompass a wide range of products, from gasoline and beverages to lubricants and industrial gases, playing vital roles in various operations. For instance, steam is indispensable in electric power generation. The history of pipe welding dates back to William …


Exploring SMAW and SAW Consumables

Discover the characteristics of these welding consumable types Shielded metal arc welding (SMAW) and submerged arc welding (SAW) are two versatile, slag-based welding processes that operate without external shielding gas. However, they cater to vastly different applications and require distinct operator competencies. SMAW is a manual process, demanding an operator skilled in interpreting the arc …



Welding wires rich in deoxidizing elements can penetrate through material coatings and contaminants Demanding material surface conditions are frequently encountered in welding applications. In an effort to reduce costs on competitive projects, fabrication shops, and construction firms often omit material cleaning steps from their processes. Whether the material carries rust, mill scale, coatings, or other …


The Hidden Expenses of Welding and Cutting Operations

One of the most frustrating scenarios in a project occurs when costs have been estimated, orders have been received, and products have been manufactured, only to discover that the actual cost of the job exceeds the initial estimate. This situation becomes even more exasperating when no clear cause can be attributed to the cost overrun. …


Tips for Optimizing Productivity with Grinding Wheels

  Metal grinding operations are inherently demanding. However, optimizing productivity can be achieved by choosing the appropriate abrasive product and tool for the specific application, and employing proper usage techniques. When tasks like weld blending, bevel preparation, or aggressive material removal to precise dimensions are required, portable grinding wheels represent an efficient solution. However, extracting …


Applications of GTAW

The gas tungsten arc welding (GTAW) process offers advantages that allow it to be utilized across an extensive array of applications. From producing high-quality aerospace and nuclear industry welds to enabling high-speed autogenous joining for tube and sheet metal fabrication, GTAW finds diverse uses as outlined below. High-Quality Welds GTAW is frequently selected when stringent …


Brazing & Soldering Lightweight Aluminum-Steel Structures for Automotive Applications

The push for lighter-weight materials in the automotive industry has intensified due to the rise of electric vehicles. Utilizing lightweight components can significantly reduce energy consumption, thereby extending the driving range per battery charge. A common approach is partially substituting steel with aluminum in automotive production. As a result, joining techniques for combining aluminum and …


A Comparison of Oxygen- vs. Air-Acetylene Torches

  When it comes to brazing, there are two main equipment choices: setups utilizing oxygen/acetylene or those using air/acetylene torches Traditionally, oxygen/acetylene rigs have dominated many HVAC brazing applications across the United States. However, air/acetylene torches represent a viable alternative option. Contractors who have experimented with air/acetylene often value their enhanced portability and reduced operating …


Q&A About Aluminum welding

  Q: What shielding gas is most appropriate for arc welding aluminum? I’ve received differing recommendations – some say to use pure argon while others suggest helium is better. I plan to use both gas metal arc welding (GMAW) and gas tungsten arc welding (GTAW) processes. Can I use the same shielding gas for each …