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Prioritizing Hot Work Safety: A Call to Action

In the recent issue of the NFPA Journal (Winter 2023), a statistical report summary titled “Structure Fires Caused by Hot Work, 2017-2021” painted an alarming picture that cannot be ignored. The data underscores a pressing need to enhance safety measures, minimize fatalities, injuries, and property losses associated with hot work operations. The Importance of a …


Ironworker Plays a Key Role in South Florida’s Construction Business

Jeff Justice recounts the projects, rewards, and challenges  of a 43-year career As an experienced union ironworker and general superintendent at Hodges Erectors Inc., Miami, Fla., Jeff Justice wears many hard hats. He’s a driver while on the road, a problem solver when visiting job sites, a customer service rep while fielding and forwarding calls, …


Lessons Learned at AWS

The Society’s first welding engineer intern shares his valued takeaways This summer, I had the opportunity to be the first welding engineer intern AWS has had, but let me explain my journey before detailing that exciting endeavor. I’m from New Jersey and was first introduced to welding in my freshman year of high school. From …


Behind the Scenes: Gases in Your Favorite Gadgets?

Uncover the hidden role of gases in creating your favorite gadgets. Join SOS Gases Inc. in this fascinating exploration. The gadgets we use daily, from smartphones to laptops, owe much of their functionality and design to the unsung heroes: gases. At SOS Gases, Inc., our role in the gas industry has provided us with unique …


Building Futures: Are Gases Key in Modern Construction?

Discover how gases are shaping modern construction. SOS Gases Inc. reveals its crucial role in building the future. In the towering skyscrapers and sprawling infrastructures of modern construction, gases play a pivotal role, often unseen but immensely impactful. At SOS Gases, Inc., our involvement in the construction industry has given us firsthand experience of how …


Revolution in Brewing: Can Specialty Gases Enhance Flavor?

Explore how specialty gases are revolutionizing the brewing industry. Dive into SOS Gases Inc.’s insights on flavor enhancement. The brewing industry is witnessing a quiet revolution, with specialty gases emerging as a key player in flavor enhancement and preservation. At SOS Gases, Inc., our extensive experience in the specialty gas sector has given us unique …


Energizing Workplaces: How Do Gases Power Progress?

Discover how industrial gases are driving innovation and efficiency in workplaces. SOS Gases Inc. sheds light on this energy revolution. Gases play a pivotal role in powering progress and energizing workplaces. At SOS Gases, Inc., with over 50 years of expertise in the industrial and specialty gas industry, we have witnessed and contributed to the …


Introduction to Torch Brazing

Torch Brazing Depending on the temperature needed for your assembly, the fuel gas (i.e., acetylene, propane, or natural gas) can be burned with air, compressed air, or oxygen. Torches that are specifically designed with multiple tips or flames can be used by constantly moving the flame to disperse the heat evenly among the assembly to …